COVID-19 Information

The events of 2020 meant that businesses had to adapt their way of working and we at Amplify Media Sales are no exception.

Recognising how media companies and their advertisers have been impacted, we adapted our tried and tested advertiser acquisition model to overcome some of the obstacles presented in these turbulent times.

Scope Your Market

One of the cornerstones to a successful Amplify Media Sales programme has and always will be the emphasis we put on how sales teams scope their local markets to acquire new advertisers.

We have innovated this process by providing more of our expertise in a controlled, hands on approach.

The benefit of this to our media partners means we are able to:

  • Increase sales team productivity through intensive remote training modules
  • Optimise quality of potential advertisers
  • Increase advertising revenues and market penetration
  • Secure new long-term contracts with local advertisers

We are proud to boast an experienced and dynamic team, all dedicated to our mission and to securing the very best results for our clients.

Whether you are in radio, press, television or outdoor and no matter the location or market condition, contact us to find out how Amplify My Sales can help you overcome advertiser reluctance and generate new long term local revenue.


With ever-changing restrictions and governmental guidance, we are able to adapt our approach and the way that our programmes are delivered in a short turnaround time, ensuring results no matter the climate.

Proven Results

We have successfully completed a number of programmes in various countries under local restrictions. We are proud to say that these have been a resounding success and have secured significant new revenue streams for our clients, in one case a 30% increase on the previous year’s performance. With experience in markets throughout the world and under ever-changing restrictions, get in touch today to find how we can help you NOW in securing new local advertising revenue.