About Amplify

Amplify My Sales is the worldwide leading provider of new advertiser acquisition programmes; helping media companies to achieve long-term, sustainable revenue from their marketplace.

The Amplify programme creates a significant volume of forward revenue and enables media companies to develop new relationships with local advertisers, whilst positively developing and enhancing the skills of their sales teams.

Through an established and proven sales training programme, Amplify My Sales help sales team to identify new business opportunities, build relationships and effectively close the sale.

Why choose Amplify

  • Over 130 years of experience in media sales and advertiser acquisition
  • Secure incremental new advertising revenue for your media company in less than 12 weeks
  • Access consultative sales and marketing tools for your sales team
  • Deliver sophisticated marketing presentations to reinvigorate potential new advertisers
  • Experience world class sales training for your sales teams
  • Develop a Multimedia Marketing Proposition that will deliver results for your
  • Guarantee response with our expert marketing and design support

Our Achievements

We are proud to have partnered with these media companies…

Sales training with live ammunition

Amplify My Sales will help you identify, maintain and develop the right advertisers for the next 12 months.
Identify New Business
Acquire New Advertisers
Generate New Revenue
Deliver Year on Year Growth
World Class Sales Training & Development
Innovative Marketing Presentations

Todd Curle


Todd has 23 years of advertiser acquisition experience. This, combined with his passion for local sales and building exceptional sales teams led him to founding Amplify My Sales Ltd in 2012.<br
His expansive career originated in New Zealand in the 1980s, including being National Agency Sales Manager for a large radio and national outdoor advertisingcompany. It is here that Todd found his niche in management and local advertising sales, moving into the global sales consultancy arena where he was Managing Director in Australia for 4 years before relocating to London in 2002.

Todd is proud to have used his unrivalled industry expertise to grow Amplify My Sales from strength to strength and his integrity, industry knowledge and overall character is highly respected by all those who work with him.